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Our Story

We are a family owned business based in Southern California. Tony is an Australian bringing with him the knowledge and desire for exquisite coffee. He has grown, roasted and tasted coffee from his extensive travels overseas. Missy is a SoCal native who knows the American taste for what goes into the cup.


From supporting Veterans and their organisations, (dear to Tony’s heart as as a Naval Aviator Vet) to bringing the joys and cheekiness of the Drop Bear to his new home.



Everyone visiting Australia for the first time wants to see a cute Koala. With typical Aussie humour, they are advised to go down the road to the third gumtree where they will definitely see koalas. However, they are warned to watch out for Drop Bears. When asked what a Drop Bear is, they are informed they are a carnivorous koala that leaps from trees, and like every animal in Australia, tries to kill you. But…. they only attack tourists!Antidotes are wearing Vegemite behind your ears, putting inverted forks in your hair, or the most effective…..drinking copious quantities of Drop Bear Cold Brew!

Looking at Drop Bear
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How Do You Like Your Coffee?

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Coffee Done Right

Drop Bear Coffee sources, produces, and hand roasts only the finest beans.

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